High-performance electronics ultrasonic cleaner from Alconox handles exacting electronic applications without employing a hazardous chemical cleaner for electronics or volatile solvents.

The bottom-line requirement when cleaning circuit boards, electronic parts or assemblies is that the cleaning method can not leave any  conductive residues. For example, in circuit board fabrication, a typical check for impurities may employ an omega-meter or iconography to detect metal salts in the board rinse water. Boards cleaned with DETERGENT 8 and rinsed with deionized water meet this exacting standard of cleanliness.

Alconox precision ultrasonic cleaner consistently provide conductive residue-free surfaces with surface cleanliness that gives high yields during manufacturing:

Alconox: a manual electronics cleaner that has outstanding penetration for ceramic substrates and other hard surfaces.

Detergent 8: ion-free for no conductive residues cleaner for electronics.

Detojet: non-foaming alkaline cleaner for heavy duty washers cleaner for electronics.

Luminox: neutral pH for no corrosion and easy disposal cleaner for electronics.

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