Sampling Equipment Detergents

The practical, safe choice sampling equipment detergents for field sampling equipment without cross-contamination

Accurate environmental testing of ground or surface water, soil or sediment requires the use of clean instruments, free of cross-contamination. From delicate pH meter probes to bailers, split-spoon samplers, augers, dredges and flow-through cells, each requires the appropriate process and detergent. Alconox, Inc. aqueous sampling equipment detergents help maintain the level of testing accuracy required by EPA guidelines—without the risks and hazards associated with solvents.

The following equipment is subject to laboratory detergent cleaning guidelines:

  • Automatic wastewater sampling equipment
  • Silastic rubber pump tubing
  • Sounders for measuring ground-water levels
  • Submersible pumps and hoses for purging ground-water wells
  • Portable augers
  • All miscellaneous sampling and flow-measuring equipment

Specifically, United States EPA Environmental Services Division standard cleaning procedures require a “phosphate-free laboratory detergent such as LIQUINOX” for Teflon®, glass and stainless steel equipment used to sample trace organic compounds or metals. High-performance aqueous electronic cleaner from Alconox handles exacting electronic applications without employing a hazardous chemical cleaner for electronics or volatile solvents.


  • High-emulsifying phosphate-free formulation, with a unique blend of free-rinsing ingredients
  • No post-rinse contaminating residues; no interference with phosphate-sensitive analytical equipment
  • Convenient handling—small quantities can be safely disposed of after use without special procedures or precautions

Solujet, Tergajet, Citrajet

  • Reliable results in laboratory dishwasher cleaning of sampling equipment and containers
  • Phosphate-free
  • Tergajet for under-counter washers with powder cup dosing
  • Solujet for larger washers with liquid dosing systems


  • Recommended for samples containing biological contamination

sampling equipment detergents - Alconox, Inc.

sampling equipment detergents - Alconox, Inc.