Restaurant equipment cleaners for the food service industry.

Alconox, Inc. restaurant equipment cleaners stretch restaurant cleaning budgets by offering concentrated formulas and reduced scrubbing time. With a 69 years track record of excellence, Alconox, Inc prides itself on being there for our customers, providing on the spot technical support and challenge-specific instructions.

Alconox powdered food service cleaner: Excellent grease cleaner. For manual and soak.

  • Cooking equipment: pots, pans, baking pans, fryers, cooking utensils, cutting boards, countertops
  • Tableware: dishware, silverware, glassware
  • Small ware
  • Facilities: floors, windows, sidewalks

Alcojet powdered food service cleaner: Perfect for stubborn grease residues. For dishwashing machines and manual cleaning.

  • Facilities: Whitens grout on tiled floors, removes heavy grease stains on sidewalks, parking lots and drive thru areas

Citranox liquid restaurant cleaning detergent: Removes water scale and starch from pasta or rice buildup. For manual and soak.

  • Rethermolators, steam tables, pasta cook pots, and rice cook pots

Liquinox liquid food service cleaner: Exceptional for wine glasses! For manual and soak.

  • Tableware: Dishware, Glassware, Silverware
  • Small ware
  • Cooking equipment: counter tops

Tergazyme food grade detergent: Contains protein enzymes for blood and protein soil removal. For manual and soak.

  • Cooking equipment exposed to raw meat: cutting boards, cooking utensils
  • Small ware exposed to protein soils

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